2010 NEWS
2010, December 21. 4th annual holiday party. Refreshments were provided by the Board. We followed our regular program schedule for the first part of the meeting, and had the party after announcements.

2010, November 16. We had a Pot Luck dinner. Mid-way through the evening we had a brief business meeting, voted for next year's Board of Directors, and heard comments and suggestions for PFLAG's direction and activities in 2011. Fifty people joined us for the event.

2010, October 19. Karen Rencountre, new NM GSA Network Program Coordinator for the Santa Fe Mountain Center, with other members of the SFMC and QSAs, spoke.

2010, September 21. Jesse Lopez, new  President of Albuquerque PRIDE, with other Board members, told us about what Pride is currently doing and about its plans to support, unite and serve our community this year. <http://abqpride.com>

2010, August 17. Sharing stories is big part of PFLAG's support efforts. As part of her Graduate program at UNM, Teresa Esquerra, one of our members, is a UNM Occupational Therapy graduate student. She has helped our Chapter establish an "Oral History" project which will allow us to document and make our stories available to others throughout New Mexico. For her Community Health project this past Spring, Teresa investigated oral history traditions and “occupational storytelling” and how these narrative approaches facilitate the healing process -- for individuals who "come out" and for their loved ones. Teresa will discuss PFLAG-abq's oral history project and the project’s potential impact on rural community health in New Mexico.  She will play interview clips and explain how members can share their coming out stories for the chapter’s archive.  Come learn more about occupational therapy and how you can get involved in this exciting project.

2010, July 20. Jean and Jim Genasci presented their fall 2009 hostellling travel experiences through Asia, Europe, and the mediterranean. Fifty-five friends filled the room for the fun.
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Genasci trip around the world

2010, June 15. The topic was "Don't Ask, Don't Tell." THOUGH Senate and House Armed Services Committees have both passed amendments to the Defense Authorizations Act that are first steps in repealing Don't Ask, Don't Tell -- an important first step in allowing gays to serve openly in the U.S. military -- the Act must now make it through the remainder of the legislative process to become law. Steve Loomis and American Veterans for Equal Rights (AVER) brought us up to date on the status of this important legislation and what we can do to make it happen.

2010, May 18. Was our FIFTH Annual Friends and Family Dinner. PFLAG-ABQ and members gave a potluck dinner which was attended by 65 friends, family, allies and members of our larger community.
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2010, May 8. One hundred fifty three kids participated in the 2nd Albuquerque PFLAG sponsored youth prom (it was titled "Carnival Prom") held at the Anderson-Abruzzo Albuquerque International Balloon Museum.

2010, April 20. Juanita Martinez, Investigations Officer of the Albuquerque Human Rights Office, spoke about unlawful discrimination related to employment, housing and public accommodation. Brian Lee, Fair Housing Coordinator, discussed housing concerns. The Albuquerque Human Rights Office promotes equal opportunity within the city limits of Albuquerque. New Mexico has already moved to address unlawful discrimination based on sexual orientation and transgender, so it is right that the City of Albuquerque also works to create sensitivity and equal opportunity for all its citizens.

2010, March 16. Cooper Lee Bombardier, Program Coordinator of the New Mexico Gay Straight Alliance Network of the Santa Fe Mountain Center, spoke about the Network and Gay Straight Alliances. Youth leaders who participate in the program also spoke of their involvments.

2010, March 12 & 13. PFLAG Albuquerque hosted PFLAG chapter leaders from Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, and Utah, as well as PFLAG National leaders Cesar Hernandez( Western Field and Policy Manager) and Jean Hodges (Mountain West Regional Director). The Friday evening mixer, to get to know each other, held at the First Congregational Church was well attended and included leaders from local LGBT organizations.

Saturday's all day meeting was held in the OptumHealth Building. The presentations/sessions were lead by Cesar Hernandez and Jean Hodges with active participation from everyone in attendance. The primary focus during the day was on what PFLAG National provides local chapters, topical workshops for both new and existing chapters, and strategic planning. However, the greatest benefit was the interaction between chapter leaders, which will result in building a stronger network of PFLAG chapters.

The consensus from the participants was both days were well spent and they not only learned a lot, but they also met some wonderful people.

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[Photos by Sheila Mink]

2010, February 16. We discussed the results of the NM GLBTQ Needs Assessment poll. Last year, the New Mexico GLBTQ Centers organization completed the first statewide needs assessment of the GLBTQ community in New Mexico. The purpose of the assessment was to establish the current quality of life and needs of the more than 68,000 identified GLBTQ indiduals living in New Mexico. In addition, the assessement tried to identify the perceived level of homophobia that currently exists in our state. Katherine Palmer, from our chapter and a member of the NM GLBTQ Center's Board, explained the methodology and results of the assessment.

2010, January 19. Our guests from Equality New Mexico told us about the upcoming legislative session and EQNM's agenda.