2014 NEWS
2014, December 16th. Our support groups began at 7 PM. Then, at 8:15 PM, we had our third annual "Snackluck." We brought our favorite snacks to share with others.

2014, November 18. Paula Ramsey showed pictures of (and talked about) a trip to Europe. We gave a prize to the person who brought the most guests.

2014, October 21. Our Annual Meeting, and a potluck began at 7 PM, replacing our usual program.

2014, September 16. Cathleen Willging spoke on LGBT Peer Advocate Intervention in Rural New Mexico. She noted that, in rural New Mexico, there are few "interventions" to help lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer people deal with the stress of being minority populations. She explained a peer-based program that will promote social justice in mental health for LGBTQ people in rural New Mexico.

2014, August 21st. PFLAG ABQ was one of the hosts at an event celebrating the first anniversary of GLBT marriages (which began in Dona Ana County).

2014, August 19th. Our speaker was Havens Levitt. She told us about the Albuquerque All Familes Matter Coalition.

2014, July 15th. Mary Oishi and some of the Under 21 kids were our speakers.

2014, June 17th. Our speaker was Paul Oostenbrug. He told us about the upcoming Gay Games, and about their history. From August 8th through the 16th, Cleveland and Akron OH will host "Gay Games IX.". The event will feature more than 35 sports, band and choral competitions, and community and cultural events throughout the Cleveland and Akron area. Paul Oostenbrug, a very active member of our local GLBT community as well as a life time member of the Federation of Gay Games and co-chair of their scholarship committee, spoke about the games, their history and importance to our international community, and how New Mexico can become part of them.

2014, May 20th. Ninth Annual PFLAG-ABQ potluck dinner. Last year, we counted 85 participants. There was still room in the meeting hall, so we can made 2014 even bigger! As always, PFLAG-ABQ provided the basics, and members brought their favorite dishes to share.

2014, April 15. LuzMarina Serrano (Program Coordinator, New Mexico Gay Straight Alliance Network Program at the Santa Fe Mountain Center) was our presenter. She told us about GSAs and QSAs in the schools.

2014, March. Amber Royster of Equality New Mexico (EQNM) spoke about the recent legislative session and the New Mexico Supreme Court decision in December.

2014, February 18th. NM-POWER explained their mission and program activities.

2014, January 21st. Mauro Montoya spoke about the Albuquerque GLBT Chamber of Commerce and the Pride Guide.

2014, January 9th. PFLAG ABQ co-sponsored with SAGE NM a GLBT seniors meeting from 2-4 PM at the North Valley Senior Center.