2016 NEWS

2016 December 14th. We brought favorite snacks to share, and had a facilitated support group.

2016 November 16th. Our program was a topical discussion about gratitude.

2016 October 19th. Annual Meeting. 7 PM snacks and chit-chat; 7:15 PM facilitated support group(s); 8 PM Annual Meeting began with election of Board Members for the 2016-2017 term. We then heard about our chapter's activities for the last year, and asked for suggestions for our chapter's future activities, direction and focus.

2016 September 21st. N'MPower and Teen N'MPower spoke. "N'MPower works to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS and other STDs among gay/bi men and trans individuals between the ages of 18-29 through education and community building. Teen N'MPower provides non-traditional HIV prevention and education for LGBTQIA teens between the ages of 13-18."

2016 August 17th. We discussed what "going back to school" means for students, our kids, friends, associates. Some young people are looking forward to the start of the new school year, but many are not looking forward to the hardships -- the difficulties that come from merely being different than the average.

2016, July 19th. American Veterans for Equal Rights (AVER) presented. We learned what the local chapter is doing, and about recent changes in the military. It was great to ask questions and discover more about GLBT people in the "new" military.

2016, June 21st. Our topic ("our fathers") was much like May's discussion regarding our mothers.

2016, May 17th. Our topic was "mothers." Some mothers among us told of issues related to parenting a trans or queer kid. Some of us recalled how our mothers did (or did not) help us with growing up to be ourselves -- different from others' expectations.

2016, April 19th. "The new Common Bond": Katherine Palmer and other Common Bond Board members told us about Common Bond's expanding mission and programs.

2016, March 15th. "Trans Parenting." A panel of parents of transgender kids spoke of the experience of raising a child who is transgender.

2016, February 15th. We discussed healthy relationships. Afterward we had some fun with arts and crafts.