2017 NEWS

2017, December 20th. -- Our annual "snack-luck" followed last month's "potluck":  We brought "favorite snacks" to share, then had support time and a discussion.

2017, November 15th. -- "The holidays can be a hard time for many people," said Alex, "and we recognize that for many people family doesn't always mean those we share blood with." So, for November's PFLAG meeting, we decided to have a potluck -- PFLAG provided rotisserie chicken and stuffing. Attenders brought side dishes to share. Great food and friends..

2017, October 18th, [October was LGBTQ history month.] We celebrated with a panel of drag performers who told us some history of drag and how it has changed over time -- and let us know what is happening in Abq and nationally right now.

2017, September 20th. We  discussed upcoming changes in our lives... changes that are "simple" like preparing for cooler weather or "life altering" such as job or relationship changes, coming out, moving somewhere new.

2017, August 16th. We viewed the documentary video "Screaming Queens." We had snacks while discussing the movie and relating it to our own experiences, memories, or what we knew of the first years of the gay/queer rights battles before and after the 1960s-1970s. We decided to have more "educational" movie / topical meetings -- maybe quarterly throughout the year. Each of us will pay attention to new media (video, film, YouTube) that might be presented in future meetings to help us all know more about important issues past and present -- and those to come.

2017, July 19th. SUMMER! We had an indoor picnic and shared our experiences of past summers. The ABQ PFLAG Chapter provided BBQ chicken and pop supplemented with member-provided side dishes and desserts.

2017, June 21st.  PRIDE was an appropriate topic at this time of celebration in New Mexico. We brought / showed / described something that we were proud of having made, created, or received. We told stories about what had made us proud, or described what now makes us proud. We asked: "What things have we done or attempted to do that have made OTHERS proud of us?  What challenges and obstacles have we met and overcome?"  -- This topic had many dimensions so, to prepare, we spent some time thinking about ourselves. We asked "What Makes Us Proud?"

2017, May 17th. We discussed our spring semesters which have just ended: "How was school?" We celebrated successes and compared notes on things that had not gone as well as we had hoped.

2017, April 19th. [There was a last minute cancellation.] So instead we shared our own "current events" and enjoyed a wide-ranging discussion. [Amber Royster of EQNM, was to have reported news from the last NM legislative session.]

2017 March 15th. Young stand-up comic Lucas C. had us laughing and laughing as he told stories that showed how a humorous approach to life, and performing comedy professionally, helped him to survive growing up questioning, ambiguous, and "queer."

2017 February 15th. Havens Levitt told us about SAGE-Albuquerque, now celebrating five years of service in the Albuquerque area.

2017 January 18th. Our discussion was about "Resolutions." Each of us has made resolutions at some time, so we asked "How well did we do at keeping them? What were the results?"