2011 NEWS
2011, December 20th. Our program was cancelled due to dangerous road conditions in some parts of Albuquerque.

2011, November 15th. Our annual Friends and Family Potluck replaced our usual program. Guests and members of related organizationsjoined us, and we elected our new board members for the year.

2011, October 18th. Tony Carson presented a humor-filled and detailed account of one of the more popular organizations within our community. The New Mexico Gay Rodeo Association was established in 1984 as a nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering the western lifestyle within the gay community. NMGRA also has a proud history of fundraising for charitable organizations within New Mexico. Each year, NMGRA produces the Zia Regional Rodeo, their premier fundraiser and the state's second largest LGBT event. In the past, the rodeo's profits have been donated to New Mexico AIDS Services, New Mexico Breast Cancer Coalition, New Mexico Domestic Violence Hotline and People Of Color AIDS Foundation, to name a few.

2011, September 20th. Seth Kazmar & Robynn Bell discussed what the Transgender Resource Center of New Mexico does and what it plans to do for transgender / gender-variant people and their loved ones in the state of New Mexico. They recounted what has taken place over the past year with the Speaker’s Bureau, building the ever-growing resource lists, the support groups offered and assisted, working with transgender folks who are experiencing homelessness, the newly formed New Mexico Transgender Coalition and all the partnerships TGRCNM has with other agencies around New Mexico, including PFLAG.

2011, August 16th. Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s father, Robert gave a short presentation about Jesse. Robert also discussed some of his volunteer activities in Africa -- work he has done at medical facilities in Nigeria , Zambia , Tanzania , and Zimbabwe . He showed some slides of the wildlife seen while on safari in the Serengeti and other lesser know national parks.

2011, July 19. "The Bad, The Worse, And The Truly Incredible" -- Plus -- "The Subtle Side Of Discrimination." Joseph Samaritano, a member of our PFLAG chapter, presented the two-part program. The first part was a sampling of misinformation about GLBT people which is disseminated by influential groups opposed to GLBT rights and advancement, and an analysis of how these groups view GLBT progress and why they fear it. In the second part we looked at ourselves and our own subtle prejudices. How we view others says a lot about who we are. We then discussed better ways of communicating and practical ways we can help to change hearts and minds.

2011, June 21. "GLBT--Fathers of, Fathers Who Are." discussed issues related to GLBTQ parenting. A trio of fathers participated as panelists. It was interesting to hear each of their stories. A time for questions and answers followed.

2011, May 17. Our local chapter hosted our 6th Annual Families & Friends Potluck. Seventy six guests attended.

2011, May 6. This year the 3rd Annual (lgbtq) Youth Prom (theme: "Black and White Masquerade Ball **" SEE NOTES below) was held at the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center. Our PFLAG chapter sponsored the prom with the assistance of GSA & QSA high school student volunteers and some adult volunteers. [See our News Archive for 2010 (May 8 entry).

2011, April 19. "Under 21" (U21) members shared some of their experiences and stories. U21is supported by Common Bond. It is a great place for under-21 folk to go Friday nights. PFLAG-Albuquerque has recommended it to our under-21 members for years.

2011, March 15. Jordon Johnson spoke about All Families Matter, a grassroots public education campaign to get New Mexicans talking to each other at the kitchen table, in the office, or within their communities about treating all families fairly. The most important and influential conversations we have are with the people we know and care about. Many New Mexicans believe same sex couples deserve dignity and respect, and All Families Matter is an easy and powerful way to start that conversation.

2011, February 15. Porfirio "Pilo" Bueno, Director of Cultural Diversity at OptumHealth, described efforts being made to educate and better prepare the mental health providers in New Mexico in regards to GLBT issues and needs. During 2010, members of our LGBTQ community-- working with key health providers-- developed a comprehensive program to educate mental heath providers. Pilo shared the highlights of that program and future implementation plans.

2011, January 26. 7 PM this evening, Jesse Tyler Ferguson -- one of the stars of the Emmy Award winning "Modern Family" TV show -- was our featured guest in the Highland High School Performing Arts Center. After greetings, each of the attendees learned about PFLAG, including aspects of our Albuquerque Chapter. Robert Ferguson introduced his son, Jesse, who then responded to questions about his life, GLBT issues, and the TV show. After the program, Jesse stayed to sign autographs (and be photographed) and answer further questions. (Sheila says, "Thank you, Jesse, for making it a truly memorable time!") [Photo: Sheila and Jesse]

2011, January 18. Lynn Perls, a Board Certified Family Law Specialist in New Mexico, spoke about legislation likely to be introduced during the 2011 legislative session, and how individuals might continue to support equality by opposing some proposed changes to law.